Butterfly Garden

Here's a fun bunch of butterflies made from school supplies to brighten up the classroom!

Depending on how many butterflies you want to make and the colors, this project totals $11--less if you have supplies on hand!

Materials List: book covers, magnetic buttons, paper clips, magnetic note clips, pencil sharpeners, pencil grips (notice the school supply theme?), scissors and a hot glue gun.


1. Take paper clips and reshape them into the shapes of the parts of a butterfly.

2. Cut the book covers to cover the paperclip outlines.

3. Hot glue the book coverings on the paperclips and glue the wings and antenna to the pencil grip. I added some extra pieces of book cover for design.

4. This butterfly can either be used as a pencil topper since the main part of the body is a pencil grip. Otherwise, hot glue on a magnet to the back for another way for this butterfly to soar!

1. For the red butterfly I decied to change up the shape of the wings but paperclips were still used for the structure and a book cover used to make the wings.

2. This time a pencil sharpener is used for the main part of the body with paperclip antennae glued to the top.

3. To mix up the wing design I cut up some of the paperclips and reshaped the pieces to for wing decoration.

Last but not least, the wrapped paperclip wire design glued to another pencil grip was used for this little guy. The butterfly was added to a magnetic note clip.

Voila!! These butterflies would be a great craft for kids to make and cute gifts for teachers! Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Way cool! Stretching the material over the paperclip wire: so clever!


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