Monday, October 10, 2016

Reflection Journal FREEBIE!!

Have you tried Reflection Journals?

     One of the ways I check in with my students at the end of the day AND communicate with parents is through Reflection Journals.  These are regular bound notebooks where the students write down their learning and behavior for the day.  The formats of their writing can change such as letters, poems, descriptions of foldables or classwork added to pages, etc.  

     The students are quite honest since it is like a personal diary to them.  Behaviors often do get mentioned and once the student acknowledges their actions or problems created, they know that we can work together with their parents to create solutions.    

     I do not count these as grades, but I do read them over briefly and use it as a quick reminder for capitals, paragraph structure, punctuation, etc.  Then on Fridays the kids take them home and share them with their parents.  I encourage parents to at least look at them but also to write back if they have stories to share from their school days, suggestions for learning, or just positive comments for their child to read the next week.  

     By the end of the year the students have a collection or portfolio of their learning and they can look back at how much they've progressed with their writing, behavior, and learning--all in one neat notebook!

     Below is a FREEBIE of the instructions I print and put into the front cover of the notebooks.  I made the download editable so feel free to adjust it for your needs.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cleaning Out My Data Closet FREEBIE!!

Have you heard about Turnaround Schools? Our school became one last year.  What did that mean?  A lot of new ways of looking at things but mostly designing learning based on data, data, data! A lot of the information came from a book called "Data Driven Instruction" by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo which gives great explanation of why it is important to use information from assessments to design curriculum and focus instruction for individual students or groups of students.  
Cleaning out my files to get ready for this year, I thought I would take two of the sheets our team created and share them for the Classroom Freebies website this week!  Check them out!
This sheet has places to list each of your students and track how they did on each question first on the pretest, and then compare it to how they did on the post test--all on one sheet!!  At the bottom you can consider overall which questions the students were doing well on and where whole group instruction would need to be focused.  Quick tables on the side let you compare the beginning step, nearing proficient, proficient, and advanced averages and share the information with your team members and administration for planning purposes on up to 3 different standards addressed on the assessment.  Last, there is an area to include ideas for advancing the students who already get the information and ideas for helping the struggling students.
Page 2 is what we used to group the students and see who we would be meeting with for small group instruction.  We can compare the top and bottom data (again while only needing one sheet!) to track which students made progress or still need extra tutoring.  

Get both of these EDITABLE pages by clicking HERE and HERE!!  Thanks for stopping by!! :) :) :)

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Guided Reading FREEBIE!!

Hi all!

The big push for our district next year is to review and revamp the Guided Reading process.  I do enjoy working with the kids in small groups and now that I've added the Daily 5 and CAFE strategies to my reading centers, life is getting easier and easier. :)

However, one thing that I still wasn't too happy about was how my records were organized for each student.  Last year I would take anecdotal notes about each child on one sheet per guided reading group.  The problem is that when I met with parents I wanted the information for just each child.  After some collaborating and creating I found a solution!!  
I take notes on shipping labels!
Print and use with any 6 part shipping label product!!
When I take notes during guided reading I can still have all my notes for the whole group during the week.  Once the group has rotated or moved on to a different text, I can now remove the information on the printed label and affix it to a sheet for each individual child! Viola! 

Thanks for checking it out!  Here's the link to grab it for FREE!!
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Freebie Fridays

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Rigor

Merry Christmas!! I know not everyone celebrates the holidays during the winter, but for now, I have a Trimming the Tree activity that tests how well your students have mastered their basic facts!!  Instead of having to give the answer or fill in the missing number, they have to fill in the missing math operations!!
Check my TpT store for this download!!
There are 12 practice trees that you can laminate and reuse to correlate with the 12 Days of Christmas . . . .

And here's a FREEBIE that you can use to assess how the students have increased their learning after they complete the center activity.  Have fun and thanks for visiting! :)

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Individual Education Portfolios! Get organized with IEPs!

Do you have students that travel to other classrooms for instruction?  Would you like to see an idea that will help keep the child organized and improve communication between the collaborating teachers?  Check out these IEPs--Individualized Education Portfolios!!

Check out my TpT store and buy the labels for only $1
The labels print on shipping paper and can easily be attached to folders with pockets to label and use right away!
Check out my TpT store and buy the labels for only $1
I purchased this 8 pocket folder from a local office store because my student is pulled-out for all subjects.  
Check out my TpT store and buy the labels for only $1

I don't always get to meet with the Special Education teacher who shares IEP goals with this child, but I can put example problems, graded work to share, tests, strategy foldables . . . anything from our class in the "Homeroom" section and she can keep her lessons in the corresponding pockets!
Check out my TpT store and buy the labels for only $1
I know the Speech teacher also sends homework and this child won't lose it since everything is together in one place!  Any teacher can open it and see how the child is doing in other classrooms, or bring it to a parent conference with all the documentation in one location!
Check out my TpT store and buy the labels for only $1
It even has a section for tracking behaviors!  So simple but highly effective!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!  In appreciation, you can download the one page small sample printable HERE!! Have a great day! :) 
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Data Packs, Data Notebooks, or Personal Best Binders--Organize Your Graphs HERE!!

Hi all!

So recently I've been blogging a lot about PDSA, and how to use it to track class data and accelerate students through their learning with individualized plans.  Today though I want to review great ways to help all students keep track of their progress.  These folders, notebooks, or binders have many names including Student Data Packs, Data Notebooks, Personal Best Binders, etc. but the graphs inside should all track quality learning and be used as a communication tool between students, staff, and parents.  If you find a set for graphing tests and other scores that is simple for your students to use, it will also save you time and be passed on with each child as they continue their education. :) 

Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
Deciding what goes into a data portfolio should be kept to the information that can be readily be used and shared to guide instruction.  For example, many schools are or will be implementing the Common Core State Standards. A graph that shows pre and post-test results would be most beneficial for each standard.
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
These graphs for primary grades show the goal to reach and can be labeled at the bottom to align with the CCSS standards and topics such as 1.OA.1: Add and Subtract.  Different pictures in the top right corner will help students know which page focuses on reading and another for math.
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
Graphs can also be differentiated for different grade levels.  For example, students scoring systems change as they get into the intermediate grades, so the proficiency expectations can be updated as well.
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
And let's not forget to make school fun for those just joining the major elementary age: Kindergartners!  These pages include a search and find for the standards that the students can color as they learn each standard as well as show their pre and post scores!
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
Progress can be charted in different ways as well.  For example, fluency charts can be done in more a timeline fashion than comparing pre and post data.  Fluency charts can be done as bar graphs or data points plotted and connected instead for line graph review!!
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
Graphs aren't just for academics either!!  Data can also be kept to set expectations and  improve behavior--especially if your school uses clip-up charts or the 7 Habits. Oh yeah, and why not throw a pictograph into the mix as well? :)
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
Want to access data in a hurry?  Don't forget to label the spine of the notebook if you choose to use a binder with your students!
Check my TpT store for access to complete sets!!
Thank you for stopping by!! In appreciation for your interest, feel free to download this student-led conference script HERE that can be used with any data portfolio to help your little leaders take charge of their own parent communication! :)

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Acceleration Folder for Primary Grades

Hi all!

Last week I had posted on how to organize your student's work to accelerate them through their learning in the intermediate grades.  This week WIS has added acceleration folders for primary grades!!

Download this template FREE HERE!!
This format is A LOT easier to use with younger children who are learning to read and write.  Although it doesn't look like the standards PDSA chart, it is aligned with the Baldrige model which builds into the PDSA format.  The student identifies their learning goal, the teacher outlines how he or she will help, the child knows what he/she needs to go, and the results are tracked and reviewed for further acceleration.  Acceleration can help students who are struggling to be focused on their most important goals, or used for advancing students on an extended learning target.

Don't forget it is also useful to track the lessons the students used to be accelerated just in case you'll need to show the documentation later!  Activity logs are helpful and list the interventions used at different tiers!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  In case you missed the link for the freebie, HERE it is again!
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