Paperclip Angels

These little cuties flew out of my creativity
and into my world with smiles!!

 The total cost estimate for supplies is $6 but some of it I had on hand. 
butterfly paperclips, regular paperclips, stickers with smiley faces, white-out, glitter glue, and erasers

The tools needed were an exacto-knife, piece of paper or index card, and glue gun.

For some reasons the next pictures wouldn't enlarge. Sorry about that!

These are actually quite easy and quick to make.  I even found painting the paperclips calming. Lol

1.  Use the white-out to paint the paperclips as desired.  I imagined these angels wearing white choir robes. :)
2. Place a smiley sticker on the eraser and cut out the face shape.

3.  Add some glitter as desired. 
4.  I clipped the paperclip onto the index card to keep it from gluing closed while I assembled the pieces.
5.  Glue the head and body on to the regular shaped paperclip!

These little ones can go anywhere paperclips can be used but mine liked hanging out in my journal.

 I hope you enjoy making your own! Bye!!!!!
0: )

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