Back to School Bug Buddie!!!

This project's design was influenced greatly by my 13 year old daughter. Can you find the hidden message from this friendly functioning school supply creation?

Approximately $10


Long Erasers

Pencil Top Erasers (can be painted white with Wite-out)

Pencil Grips

Paper Clips

Paper Protectors

Calculator with Clip

Pen Top (Googley Eyes)

Hot glue

Construction Paper

Glitter and Decorations (optional)


1) Cut Pencil Grips in half.

2) Hot Glue the Pencil Grips onto the calculator.

3) Cut Long Erasers into desired leg length.

4) Shove Long Erasers (now cut short) into the 1/2 Pencil Grips. These will be your legs of the Buddie. The erasers can be removed and replaced from the Pencil Grips for use.

5) Cut desired color Construction paper for back. Glue onto back of body.

6) Hot glue the eyes on top of the clip of the calculator.

7) Cut pencil top erasers to desired tooth length.

8) Glue teeth inside clip of calculator.

9) Shape paper clips to a wing shape of desired shape/size.

10) Place paper clips into paper protective sheet for wings.

11) Using steam and heat above wings, iron paper protective sheet with paper clips until desired texture (make sure not to touch the protector sheet because it will melt onto your iron).

12) Glue wings onto back of Bug on top of the construction paper.

13) Enjoy your Back to School Bug Buddie!

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