Sunday, October 27, 2013

Acceleration Folder for Primary Grades

Hi all!

Last week I had posted on how to organize your student's work to accelerate them through their learning in the intermediate grades.  This week WIS has added acceleration folders for primary grades!!

Download this template FREE HERE!!
This format is A LOT easier to use with younger children who are learning to read and write.  Although it doesn't look like the standards PDSA chart, it is aligned with the Baldrige model which builds into the PDSA format.  The student identifies their learning goal, the teacher outlines how he or she will help, the child knows what he/she needs to go, and the results are tracked and reviewed for further acceleration.  Acceleration can help students who are struggling to be focused on their most important goals, or used for advancing students on an extended learning target.

Don't forget it is also useful to track the lessons the students used to be accelerated just in case you'll need to show the documentation later!  Activity logs are helpful and list the interventions used at different tiers!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  In case you missed the link for the freebie, HERE it is again!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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  1. I really like your accelerated learning templates but I can't seem to download it. The link says its not available. Could you check it out? Thanks!


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