Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Printing Downloaded Posters to Large Sizes


If you're like me, you've found a lot of great printables for the classroom but maybe you want to make these a bit larger than regular paper size such as for a bulletin board.  This feature, called tiling, is available if you have the updated version of Adobe Acrobat.  Here's what it looks like on a free bully poster for the classroom. 

It prints the scale you choose (this one was done at 400% of the original size for demonstration).  Then you just put the printed pages together like a puzzle.  The options even include adjustable overlapping space for pasting it together, labeling the order of the pieces, cut marks, and the choice of tiling only large pages.  I found it super helpful!

Here's a link to the website's info!
Adobe Help: Print Posters and Banners

From there, it is super simple to follow the directions.  Enjoy!

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