Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Favorite Back To School Books and a FREEBIE!!

Even the Kindergartners are heading back to school!!  Where I live, they get to start a few days later after transition days into the "big school".  We're all in this together though!  

Today I thought I'd share my favorite reads for the first days of school.  Which ones have you read to your kids??

My students this year (3rd grade) still loved the surprise ending of First Day Jitters even though some had heard it before.  A fun story of how we ALL feel about going back to school!
 This book was my favorite growing up and kept me going even as an adult.  I'll actually read this book many times during the year and have a few plush Little Blue Engines and toys around the classroom to keep up the encouragement when the kids need to remember "I think I can"!

Because reading is usually hardest for my students (especially because it's an inclusion setting), I offer these inspiring stories.  We also get to discuss how the author is actually writing from her life perspectives and is a successful author even though she struggled in school.

 Last but not least, we read this book before an activity that can be used to decorate the bulletin board before open house rolls around.  It uses repetitive lines to describe what is important about little things, and then connects it to the reader being important.  I have the students write their own poems following the format and learn about their talents in the process.  My example would be:

The important thing about Mrs. Montoya is that I am a teacher. 
My first lessons taught came from being a mom, I enjoy learning new things myself, and want to inspire others.
But the most important thing about Mrs. Montoya, is that I am a teacher. :) :) :)

When my own daughter was a Kindergartner starting her first day of school, a resource I wish they would have had was stickers to tell the bus driver which stop she should get off on (she exited one bus stop too early and had her momma going crazy to find her!).  Anyway, my FREEBIE this week are printable shipping labels that can be used for Kinder first days, or for field trips as well.  Hope you enjoy!!

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