Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teaching to the Common Core: Rounding to the 100s

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I hope the beginning of this school year has been fabulous for you!! My freebie this week is a quick one that I made up to help a few of my students that were having difficulty visualizing what 100s place to round to in math.  
This page was much easier to use than a 1,000 chart with all the numbers and hopefully will be something the kiddos can draw after using the model a few days (yay scaffolding!!). The steps that I helped them to use when rounding was to decide what hundreds their number was between (ie. 247 is between 200 and 300).  Then they would identify the benchmark halfway point (in this case 250).  Then, in the beginning, I would have them mark the place where their number would be such as 247 being slightly to the left of 250 (hint: laminate this or put in a page protector for students to use erasable markers on).  Then they could easily see that because 247 had not been on the benchmark number or closer to 300, the number rounds to 200.  

I had also taught them the trick of looking at the neighbor to the right and seeing: "If it's 5 or more, round up.  4 or less, stays the same", but they weren't understanding why the saying applied so I definitely wanted to give them a visual they could believe.  Anyway, feel free to download it for free HERE!!!  

Want to have a fabulous game to help them practice rounding to the 10s as well?  Don't forget to check out my Rounding Football Game to help them find the nearest 10 yard line and go for the field goal!

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