Monday, July 14, 2014

Cleaning Out My Data Closet FREEBIE!!

Have you heard about Turnaround Schools? Our school became one last year.  What did that mean?  A lot of new ways of looking at things but mostly designing learning based on data, data, data! A lot of the information came from a book called "Data Driven Instruction" by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo which gives great explanation of why it is important to use information from assessments to design curriculum and focus instruction for individual students or groups of students.  
Cleaning out my files to get ready for this year, I thought I would take two of the sheets our team created and share them for the Classroom Freebies website this week!  Check them out!
This sheet has places to list each of your students and track how they did on each question first on the pretest, and then compare it to how they did on the post test--all on one sheet!!  At the bottom you can consider overall which questions the students were doing well on and where whole group instruction would need to be focused.  Quick tables on the side let you compare the beginning step, nearing proficient, proficient, and advanced averages and share the information with your team members and administration for planning purposes on up to 3 different standards addressed on the assessment.  Last, there is an area to include ideas for advancing the students who already get the information and ideas for helping the struggling students.
Page 2 is what we used to group the students and see who we would be meeting with for small group instruction.  We can compare the top and bottom data (again while only needing one sheet!) to track which students made progress or still need extra tutoring.  

Get both of these EDITABLE pages by clicking HERE and HERE!!  Thanks for stopping by!! :) :) :)

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