Monday, July 7, 2014

Guided Reading FREEBIE!!

Hi all!

The big push for our district next year is to review and revamp the Guided Reading process.  I do enjoy working with the kids in small groups and now that I've added the Daily 5 and CAFE strategies to my reading centers, life is getting easier and easier. :)

However, one thing that I still wasn't too happy about was how my records were organized for each student.  Last year I would take anecdotal notes about each child on one sheet per guided reading group.  The problem is that when I met with parents I wanted the information for just each child.  After some collaborating and creating I found a solution!!  
I take notes on shipping labels!
Print and use with any 6 part shipping label product!!
When I take notes during guided reading I can still have all my notes for the whole group during the week.  Once the group has rotated or moved on to a different text, I can now remove the information on the printed label and affix it to a sheet for each individual child! Viola! 

Thanks for checking it out!  Here's the link to grab it for FREE!!
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  1. Great idea. Have you heard of the brand Houselabels? They are much less expensive than Avery labels but use the same sizing and print well. You can get them on Amazon. (Found your post through Manic Monday)

  2. Thank you, Christina and Lynda!! Caitlin, I had not heard about those labels so THANK YOU so much for sharing the information! :)
    Have a great day!
    ~ Veronica


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